Moss Art

MossArt is our zero maintenance option for clients who want to green up their space, but do not have the access or availability for the upkeep of a living wall. MossArt is real moss that has been preserved. 

Hence, Moss Art looks and feels like living moss. It is evergreen, and provides a soft texture to your living space. It meshes well with stone and wood texture and finishes, and can really liven up a room while serving a piece of art! MossArt is best displayed in indoor spaces, suitable for areas that aren’t exposed to weather.

Gaia Moss

GaiaMoss is our living moss product range borrowing from its low maintenance cousins.

Similar to our other living walls, GaiaMoss has the benefits of providing a soothing biophilic feel that effortlessly blends with the design of your living space. Real moss aids to the filtration of particles of air, and also adds a freshness to the aesthetics of the space.

Look for us if you are thinking of having a Moss corner in your space!