Engaging Pasir Gudang Community

We were invited by ATS to share about our Gaiamat system with the municipal council members and the local community. It is always motivating to see such passionate voices for greening efforts at the grassroots. We’re always open to discuss and share ideas with local communities, designers and local authorities.

UM x Belalang

Being in an urban greening advocate means that we have to work together with the community of like-minded organizations. Earlier this month, we met up with the enthusiastic team from UM Eco-Campus Secretariat Office & UM Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UM SDSN). Below is their FB post after our sharing session. Let’s work together towards a…

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Maintenance Matters

Maintenance is key to keeping our green roofs healthy and sustainable. Although we do boast of being low maintenance, it doesn’t mean we do not need to inspect and do routine maintenance runs. The frequency of these inspections and maintenance is highly dependent on each green roof. In JB, we have kept tabs on our…

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