With our vast experience in growing plants and collaboration with USHIO, we are able to develop the best grow light that has a combination of different spectrums of lights. LED Grow Light can cater to allow most plants for photosynthesis, allowing the green wall to sustain indoor.

The USHIO Grow Light System is introduced after years of development between our partners Chop Ching Hin Pte Ltd and USHIO lighting from Japan, allowing plants to survive indoor under no sunlight condition and keeping your green wall healthy and vibrant.


Good CRI
(Colour Rendering Index)

Our LED Grow Light is able to shine brightly at the plants to provide the necessary light energy they need while revealing the colours of the plant clearly to show the beauty of the green wall.

Min.30 Micromoles/m2

With our LED Grow Lights, we are able to provide the necessary specific light intensity for most indoor plants, enabling the green wall to sustain for long time at healthy rate.

Well-Designed Lens

LED Grow Light design is able to disperse the light properly in order for all the photons to be well-dispersed to the whole green wall.