Belalang Inovasi is a low maintenance green roof and green wall company based in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded by three engineers cum best friends, we have a simple goal and that is to return the green to urban Malaysia.

Specializing in urban green technology that artistically integrate green living into modern constructions, we take pride in boosting a sustainable living and more importantly, an appealing green environment for you.

With a vast knowledge on plants, Belalang is also able to offer expertise advice on ideal plants to thrive in different kind of living conditions for your green walls and green roofs, allowing your living art to last even longer.

Our Mission

To gear Malaysian society and industries toward a greener future, which entails absorbing global technical knowhow and innovating based on in-practice systems to tackle negative anthropogenic/human impact on our environment.

Our Vision

We strive to raise the liveability standard of our community by tackling existing environmental problems and pre-empting future sustainability issues. We aim to make green roofs and green walls widely available and accessible to all.

Our Partners

We believe in working together with partners from different sectors and localities to bring us forward.