Belalang Inovasi is your green roof and green wall specialist based in Malaysia. We pride ourselves on green innovative solutions that transform urban spaces into attractive greenery, playing an active role in creating and promoting liveable cities.

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Green roof

Green roof in Petaling Jaya for a renowned architect

Our GaiaMatTM Green Roof system is soil-free, ultra-lightweight and sustainable. Designed based on German engineering technology, our green roof system provides you with the flexibility to green up a variety of roof types (RC Flat Roofs, Metal Deck & Glass).
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Green wall

Living Green Walls or vertical gardens have been used since ancient times at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They are employed more and more ubiquitously as part of biophillic design which studies have shown to improve human stress levels when immersed in such environment.

At Belalang Inovasi, we offer 2 types of Green Wall Systems, each with their own attributes to suit your design requirement.
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Changi Terminal 4 Green Wall

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