GaiaWall @ Decathlon Singapore Lab

GaiaWall is our low-maintenance and thinnest built-up Green Wall solution that is based on German technology. This Green Wall system combines our botanical knowhow with a patented soil-free growing medium. Notable projects include Decathlon, Ion Orchard, private residences in KL and more.

GaiaWall @ Private Residence Bukit Tunku KL


• 15-35 kg/sqm
• Typical panel thickness is 50mm
• Mostly recyclable materials
• Thick, intensive plant growth
• Can customize to adapt to design configurations & size
• 3 months pre-growing at nursery required
• Instant green wall upon installation
• Fast installation
• Low Maintenance- provided 6 times a year upon wall maturity (typically after 1 year)
• Minimal irrigation required
• Irrigation system typically includes timer & LDPE driplines (water tap point required)
• Complies with fire rating BS EN 13501-1:2007 +A1:2009
• Excellent noise abatement properties. Complies with acoustics standard BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010