Our GaiaMatTM Green Roof system is based on German engineering technology, making the green roof system soil-less, ultra-lightweight and sustainable. With our green roof system, you can prolong your roof life and reduce urban heat island effect with a beautiful rooftop. Our pre-cultivated GaiaMatTM System is very adaptable and can be constructed on any roof slope between 1 – 60 degree elevation, enabling us to build the desired green roof anywhere you want.



GaiaMatTM Green Roof System is 2 ~ 3 times lighter than conventional green roof system, its lightness makes it easier to install. It can weigh between 25 kg/m^2 to 60 kg/m^2

Able to Layer

Our GaiaMatTM Green Roof System is highly customizable, whether you want your green roof to be ultra light-weighted or very low maintenance or even to build a small ecosystem, we can build the desired green roof you want.

Low Maintenance

Green roof has actually been around in the West for many decades. By adopting Europe’s engineering technology coupled with plant species handpicked by our experts in the nursery, we build your green roof for sustainability. We provide maintenance 3~4 times a year.


With our plant expertise, we are able to integrate Europe’s engineering technology with Asia’s tropical plants to develop a soil-less GaiaMatTM Green Roof System. Soil-less green roof will reduce the amount of pests and dirt on your roof and make it difficult for weeds to grow due to absence of clay content in the system. Additionally, this soil-less green helps to minimize stormwater runoff and water pollution as stormwater becomes cleaner after flowing through the system.

Instant Green Roof

As one of the pioneers in the industry for soil-less system, our nursery is pre- cultivating tens of thousands of m^2of green mat for the market currently. The GaiaMatTM will be laid on your roof to make it instant green. This simple process increases workers’ productivity and reduces the labour demand on site which will in turn decreases worksite hazards.

Dual Use

The Gaiamat green roof started out as an extensive concept but can be adapted for intensive use. This flexibility allows our system to be used for living green turfs on roofs, landscape decks and with added slope retention capabilities.