Our Products

– Green Roofs –

GaiaMat™ System:

Introducing a low-maintenance, lightweight, versatile and affordable green roofing solution to the Malaysian market. The GAIAMAT ™ system has been implemented widely in Singapore and have recently been brought into Thailand and Malaysia. 

Flexibility of our pre-grown green roofs allow us to green up:

– Pitched roofs (up to 40degrees)
– RC Flat roofs
– Metal deck roofs
– Glass roofs
– Extensive roofs (non-trafficable)
– Intensive roofs (trafficable)


Download our GaiaMat info sheet file below:-

– Green Walls –

GWS Modular System (GMS):

Green walls have been proven to reduce air and noise pollution while helping to cool the
surrounding temperature. As pot-based green wall system, our GMS complements biophilic green wall design with a sturdy fixing mechanism to suit its location and size.

Download our GWS Modular Pot System info sheet below:-

GaiaWall™ System:

GaiaWall is our low-maintenance and zero-plastic Green Wall alternative to the conventional pot system. This system combines our botanical knowhow with a patented soil-less growing medium.

Download our GaiaWall info sheet file below:-