Extensive Green Roof

430 sqm

Gaia Mat System

Year Completed: 2019

With flat roof systems being widely used in Malaysia, there has always been an issue with post-construction water leakage due to improper application of waterproofing or workmanship problems during concreting. As suggested by academic papers, green roofs [1] serve as an additional protective layer against UV rays, thereby extending the waterproof membrane’s lifespan. The cost saving considerations when installing this green roof includes the savings from:
i) air-conditioning required to cool indoors,
ii) extended waterproofing lifespan
iii) minimal maintenance of greenery
iv) slab repair due to cracks (green roofs regulate temperature fluctuations on slab surface, which then reduces crack occurance on flat concrete roof slabs)

In contrast with soil-based systems, the client opted for a cleaner, soil-free system that is easy to install- it took us less than 4 days to complete installation of the full green roof and its auto-irrigation system.

[1] – U. Porsche. & M. Köhler, LIFE CYCLE COSTS OF GREEN ROOFS – A Comparison of Germany, USA, and Brazil, RIO 3 – World Climate & Energy Event, 1 December 2003