GaiaMat Green Roof at Seapark residence, PJ
Installation of green roof required us to manually move the materials to the roof. Due to the system built-up, this process was tidy and simple (completed in 1.5days) with minimal disruption to the occupants.

Extensive Green Roof

19 sqm

Gaia Mat System

Year Completed: 2019

Designing and overseeing work of your own house is never easy, but an architect from a renowned local Landscape Architecture consultancy decided to do just that for his humble abode in Seapark, Petaling Jaya. In an unconventional move, he decided to add a roof terrace where there used to be just clay roof tiles to allow him a vantage view of the surrounding cityscape of urban PJ & KL. And what came with that was a Gaia Mat green roof as his own personal roof terrace garden.

As the roof only caters to light foot traffic, we proceeded to use a mix of hardy and semi-trafficable species on our thin and lightweight gaiamat layers (only 50mm total built-up including drain cells). Additionally, as requested by the client, a number of plug plants (taller, non-creeper species) were included in the mix as designated locations. The implementation took 1 day and allowed us to green up our first moveable door hatch (shown in picture below).

You may find out more about the house via Instagram @seapark_house

Moveable green roof hatch to access roof