Extensive Green Roof

75 sqm

Gaia Mat System

Year Completed: 2019

JARO underwent a makeover with the help of Think City and decided to green up a bare metal roof right outside the meeting room window. The greenery installed using our GaiaMat system showcases its versitilaty in greening up all kinds of roof types. Upon maturity, the maintenance of this roof only requires 1 hour with 1 maintenance personnel every 2 months. The automatic irrigation controller allows for the roof to be watered for 5 minutes every day.

Selection of polyculture species during the pre-growing period plays an important role as well for the roof’s survival with limited maintenance. The current mix planted on the JARO roof includes a purple flowering species that are hardier than they look!

After the implementation of the GaiaMat green roof, staff are now able to enjoy the soft landscape outside with curtains drawn wide open during their meetings.