Belalang Inovasi is your green roof and green wall specialist based in Malaysia. We pride ourselves on our green innovative solutions that transform urban spaces into attractive greenery, playing an active role in creating and promoting green, healthy, liveable cities.

We provide you professional advice and recommendations of the right plants and systems for your green walls and green roofs to ensure sustainability. We will continuously giving our utmost effort to improve our technology and products to bring more green into your life.


Green roof

Green roof in Petaling Jaya for a renowned architect

Our GaiaMatTM Green Roof system is based on German engineering technology, making the green roof system soil-less, ultra-lightweight and sustainable. With our green roof system, you can prolong your roof life and reduce urban heat island effect with a beautiful rooftop. Our pre-cultivated GaiaMatTM System is very adaptable and can be constructed on any roof slope enabling us to build the desired green roof anywhere you want.

Green wall

The GWS Gaia-Wall Green Wall System is an original European technology using no plastic and is made up of recycled natural solid materials. This advanced system gives the practitioner the most effortless way of creating aesthetically natural green façade. The soil-less Gaia-wall Green Wall System is a board form based green wall System and pre-cultivated with our experienced nursery production team. This system will create instant and low maintenance green wall system. The plant species consist a polyculture mix of epiphytes and ferns, that grows on natural jungle tree bark. The combination of advanced material technology, nursery culture, and plant expertise mimic the vertical plantings onto our wall, with natural dynamic as a living art.

Changi Terminal 4 Green Wall